1. Can I modify the Box?

We do not modify the whole box, however, if you have any dietary requirements, restrictions, or have any requests for your box, PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE.

We will confirm with you via Email or Instagram DM. Extra charges may apply.

2. Can you deliver at my requested time?

We DO NOT guarantee to deliver on time due to our high demand. However, we will do our best to deliver at your requested time.

We recommend that you order between 4-8 PM.

3. I’m not home yet. Can you leave my order at the front door?

We are handling raw food. Due to health and safety reasons, we DO NOT leave your order/s at your door or to the concierge. It must be hand to hand. Our driver will wait for 10 minutes at your place. However, if there are longer delays, unfortunately, they have to make their way to place other customer deliveries. The driver will leave their number, so be sure to contact them directly ASAP to organize your pick-up.

4. Can I store sushi in the fridge? How long can I keep them?

Yes, you may store sushi in the fridge for a few hours (sushi rice may become hard, if you want to consume later night or the day after please leave it in the room temperature for 10mins before you consume e.g. Nigiris or makis ONLY) however For the best quality and the best home omakase experience, we highly recommend to consume straight away.

5. I'm concerned about the temperature since it's a raw food. How do you ensure that it will be safe to consume when it's for delivery?

Aoi.Tsuki is very cautious about the temperature when delivering, hence we use a cooling system to maintain the quality and freshness of the sushi, so there is no need to worry at all!

6. I have dietary restrictions, what do I do?

Please leave a note before placing your order, you can also remind us via email(info@aoitsuki.com.au) or Instagram DM (@aoi.tsuki_melbourne).
We are not 100% dietary free kitchen there might be a small trace of them. We will be able to contact you back.